The Last Man on Earth: S2.E18 “30 Years of Science Down the Tube”

The season finale ran out of gas.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth tv show.

I’m not surprised about how the last episode of season two turned out. Considering the show used more low-brow humor and the childish relationship between the Miller brothers this season led to a so-so finale.

Following Mike’s departure (played by Jason Sudeikis)  due to him contracting the virus, Tandy goes back home to bring Mike back to Malibu.
The majority of the episode centered around the emotional side between the brothers. Thus the episode was mostly devoid of jokes. Ones that were made were quite flat.

During Mike’s story arc the show focused on way too many fart jokes that quickly got old. The epitome of the jokes came with Tandy’s fart jar that was too much teenage humor thrown in the mix.

However, the best part came when Tandy showed his human side.  Mike saw that Tandy had to bury their parents that hit the emotional bond between the two that was missing throughout the season.

Also, when Tandy gave Mike his old sports balls to have someone to talk to. When Tandy is not being a complete jerk he’s a decent character that’s not completely despicable.

As for the b-storyline  Melissa overeating to outsiders and shooting the UAV should set-up a good conflict with Pat and his two buddies from the boat for the seasons three opener.
Overall this episode highlighted the season trend of the show focusing in on low-brow humor and Tandy still being incredibly unlikable at times. Hopefully the show changes for season three as I want to keep watching it. But keep cringing at these changes.

Here are some of my other thoughts:

  • I liked the “Back to the Future” car Tandy used to travel to his childhood home.
  • I hope Mike returns to the show. There’s more story potential with his character than what was shown.
  • Carol chooses the oddest of names, which provide plenty of laughs.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below!


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