The Last Man on Earth: S2.E17 “Smart and Stupid”

Mike gets the virus and the group decides his fate.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth tv show.

Sadly Mike’s story is nearing its end as guest stars Jason Sudeikis who plays Mike ends his current tenure on the show.

The title implied the see-saw jokes where some hit and others didn’t. The storyline began with Todd becoming jealous that Tandy is spending more time with Mike than him.

There were some great low-brow jokes on Todd describing how he felt being left out by Tandy. Another good joke was Tandy accidentally calling him the “Toddler” that worked.

The jokes started to fall flat after Mike contracts the virus and coughs up blood. Surprising the banter between the Miller brothers didn’t illicit enough laughter from me.  For example, the fart jokes about bacon after Tandy catches them finishing the bacon didn’t do it for me.

At least Tandy got to have one of his redeeming moments as he stands up to the group forcing Mike out due to fear of the virus. It showed him to be more empathetic to viewers and not always the bumbling idiot.

As for the b-storyline, Erica’s new relationship with Mike was pushed too fast during the episode. However, it did provide for some great background on her character as a felon in Australia.
Overall this was an alright episode with some good laughs. It’s a preview episode to the season finale so I’m losing forward to it.

Here are some of my other thoughts:

  • I wonder if the sorority girl is the go-to-character for foreign actresses playing American women.
  • The bubble represented an obvious metaphor about being isolated in society.
  • When did Melissa become the defacto leader against outside members?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below!


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