Clash Royale: Android Review

More clashes, more fun in this tower defense game!

Clash Royale image on Wikia page.
Clash Royale image on Wikia page.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a video game review. Basically going to school full-time and working on the weekends didn’t leave me much time. Now that it’s summer I had some free time to write about Clash Royale by Supercell.

I decided to download this game after hearing about this game but never getting around to it. It’s the newer version of 1.4.1.  My reaction to this game has overall been fun with a few flaws.

Clash Royale is the quicker  version of Clash of Clans but in a tower defense mode. The goal is to destroy more of your opponents castle before they destroy yours.  There are three castles-one main castle and two smaller ones. You play with a deck of cards that have powers (ex: Archers) for elixir cost.  To get cards you get treasure chests for winning or you buy them with gems.

If you’ve ever played a card game (ex: Pokémon) then it is familiar to you. Basically Supercell applied this to the tower defense genre. You spend money on packs (i.e. treasure chests) to get cards to upgrade existing cards or get the Epic cards that are powerful.  Then you play a digital version of the card game.

It’s a strategic game as you try to manage your elixir bar to spend the cards. At the same time it’s poker since you don’t want to reveal your deck too soon. What you have is a challenging game within a 3 minute time span that creates a lot of rewards when you outsmart your opponent.

There’s also a lot of variety of cards to play with an emphasis on the horde. If you play your hands right once you get about three units on the field (preferably the horde ones like a group of four barbarians) untested then you’ll likely win.

There are a few downsides though. One is the game drains your battery really quick. Playing it on my Note 4 for about 15 minutes drained my battery a lot.

The biggest issue is the balancing in the game since you will often play with players who have the better cards. This may not sound tough but once you hit Arena 3 it does.  I often played against players who had the Baby Dragon or X-bow. Although I could put up a decent fight I ended up losing badly because I could not counter-attack with my current setting.  For example, the X-bow comes to mind as a player can play it on their side while it picks apart your castle.

Overall it’s a fun game if you have the money to spend and you enjoy playing these virtual card games.  If you can’t put up with these then you’ll be fine and enjoy the game.

What do you think of the game? Leave your comment below!


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