The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E12 “Valhalla”

The group mourns the loss of Phil.

Title card for The Las Man on Earth show.

After focusing on Tandy’s brother, Mike Miller, and his journey to Earth in last week’s episode, the show returned to the aftermath of Phil’s death.It started off strong with some great jokes, but ended flatly with Tandy yet again becoming an unlikable character momentarily.

The show had a great opening scene with Todd singing “Tubthumping” for a funeral song. Then Tandy followed up with a funny failed Valhalla funeral by not lighting the boat.

Afterwards, however, the show went followed typical storylines of Tandy not mourning the loss of Phil in the best way. Tandy wore Phil’s old clothes, tried to be the hero and raise Erica’s kid, burning all of his stuff, etc.

Where the show fell into old habits occurred with Tandy started to act out against Phil when they first met. Again, the show has a tendency to make Tandy quite unlikable, especially after a death.

The b-storyline with Todd should get interesting once Melissa finds out about the love triangle between her, Todd and Gail.

Otherwise this is a an okay episode that had a strong start.

Some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Finding out Phil had a real middle name, and it was “Stacy.”
  • Tandy misinterpreting an Australian phrase to understand his closure with Phil.
  • There were a couple of fun scenes showing how Melissa handled her breakup with Todd.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below!


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