The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E11 “Pitch Black”

Does the Mike Miller-centric episode deliver?

Title card for The Last Man on Earth show.

With the plot to reconnect Mike Miller (played by Jason Sudekeis) with Tandy and the rest of the group, this episode does a decent job of propelling and giving Mike more character depth.

After  landing and being stranded in the ocean for three days, Mike finds hope and conflict with his new pal Pat, who survived the plague.

The themes took a bit of  dark turn and childish behavior. First it happened when Pat took Mike ashore and showed him a parking lot full of bodies. It’s not surprising given that Mike (and us viewers) had to see the one of the outcomes.

The latter is a bit disappointing with Mike having hallucinations of Tandy that were childish taunts to continue to live. Case in point, after Pat knocks Mike after Mike saw Tandy’s “Alive in Tucson” sign, Mike hallucinated that Tandy (as a kid) will pee on him if Mike won’t go.

I have a bad feeling this is where a good portion of Tandy and Phil’s relationship this season may go.

However, we did get to see who Mike is as a person. He loves scotch and has a great sense of humor.

In addition, the best part of the episode came when him and Pat were playing tennis together. It showed how we humans are meant to be social and interactive that create a familial bond.

My expectation going forward is we’ll see more Mike’s character meets the group, with some irritating childish behavior between him and Tandy.

Some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • The boat name “Deez Knots” is a good pun name.
  • Mike escaping the sinking cruise ship via Water Tricycle was funny.
  • I wonder if Mike will miss Phil the worm. I assume the worm got left on the boat after Pat left Mike for dead.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below!


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