The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E10 “Silent Night”

Goodbye Phil?

Title card for The Last Man On Earth show.

I’d been busy these past few months working my retail jobs and now have time to catch up on the show.  lol.

Continuing from last episodes “Secret Santa”  Phil is in real trouble due to his appendicitis. Can the group rally together to save his life in time?

Well at least there’s some good laughs involved. Gail tries her best as she is voluntold (being told to volunteer) to be the surgeon. Meanwhile, the group tries to help out with the procedure.

This episode had some great laughs despite the seriousness of the situation.

Tandy and Todd dragging back Gordon’s body for  Gail to practice on… Only to find out she got a medical dummy. Predictable joke, but still funny.

The other one went to Tandy with his insane conversation between Phil’s symptoms and Erica’s baby. The absurdity of the whole dialogue made it hilarious.

Sadly, the show looks like it’s going to kill off Phil. This is not surprising considering that the character, played by Boris Kodjoe, is credited as a guest actor and not a recurring/main member through season two.

It’s too bad because he finally started to bond with Tandy in the previous episode. Even through the silence treatment while drinking some beers with Tandy.

I wish they had kept Phil on to provide more character developments and possibly some science battles between him and Mike Miller.

Overall it’s a funny episode despite the dark forecast.

Some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Gail’s practicing on frozen foods, that Todd then eats.
  • Todd break dancing in an inappropriate place, the morgue.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below!


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