Boom Beach: Android Review

Patience is a virtue.

Boom Beach icon from Wikipedia page.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review. I’ve been dormant during the winter because of my retail job. Now that I’ve got some more free time I finally decided to write about Boom Beach.

I finally decided to check out the game, which is also created by Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans. There’s many comparisons of these two games because the company successfully made a twist on their formula.

Instead of resource hoarding it’s all about resource raiding. Obtaining these opponents instead of building your own resources (though you still build some) focuses you to be more on offense more than defense.

In addition, The Task Force Operations perform much better than the Clan Wars, despite the confusing reward system. By providing enemy AI bases to attack, there appears to be less in-fighting among teammates because John didn’t or was not supposed to attack a certain player. (Granted I have not been playing a while).

There are multiple bases in a Task Force Operation. This one shows how my team destroyed this base to earn rewards.
There are multiple bases in a Task Force Operation. This one shows how my team destroyed this base to earn rewards.

However, a few notable issues make the game frustrating to play.

Strategies for attacking player bases can be challenging as there’s only one way to approach an opponent’s base, the beach front. This becomes hard when the opponent has higher level defenses than your troops. Most of the time I found myself either conducting a full-frontal assault or flanking using flares. At least in Clash of Clans you had options to attack from all angles of your opponents base.

Furthermore the matchmaking process is frustrating.  It’s based on your Victory Points you earn from winning bases. But many times I get players who are higher levels and thus better defense that made it almost hard to win.

Finally, the most exasperating part is the waiting. Supercell puts the pay-to-play method by only allowing you to build or update one building/unit at a time. In Clash of Clans it’s dependent on the number of Builders you have. Instead in Boom Beach your forced to wait until the building or upgrade is done, or pay in diamonds to speed up the process.

This is worst part about it since I had the resources to upgrade more buildings one time, but had to wait for my current one to finish.

Overall it’s still a fun game that’s presents a twist on a wining formula. It just depends upon how much patience you have with a slow progress.

What did you think about the game? Leave your comments below.


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