The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E8 “ No Bull”

Searching for the elusive Bull.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth.

The episode “No Bull” continued the focus on group’s interpersonal relationships with each other with a bit more success. It revolved around the group searching for the bull after finding out the cow gave birth to a calf.

What worked well in the show are Tandy’s awkward moments. Tandy’s inspirational speech to get the group to accept Phil back into the group was great. His incoherent speech about team work is hilarious as he poorly incorporates the value of team work using everyone’s name.

This also had some great network low-brow moments for Tandy too, such as him drinking the cow’s urine by mistake.

I did appreciate how Phil’s character wasn’t written off. He helped bring the bull back after tricking Tandy into releasing him and ended with him eating  at the dinner table with the group. (The group killed the bull with too many tranquilizers.)

As for the Todd-Melissa story-line, I think they’re forcing some issues for content but we’ll see where it goes.

Finally, we get some more screen-time for Mike Miller (Tandy’s brother). However, Mike’s story-line felt as a filler since we already know he’s feeling isolated up at the International Space Station.  I’m hoping he gets down to Earth soon to get his story going.

Overall this had some good jokes with some setup plotlines for future episodes.

Some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • It seems Erica got over her anger at Phil quickly.
  • To relieve the group’s tension, I liked how Tandy’s literally took the metaphor of casting stones.
  • Tandy getting his Meg Ryan movie quotes mixed up.
  • Todd as a player is creating good laughs and material.

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