The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E7 “ Baby Steps”

Multiple relationships, too little story development.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth.

The episode “Baby Steps” heavily focused on the intergroup and couple relationship that led to some success.

Following last week’s episode with Erica’s unexpected pregnancy, Phil tries to get back into her good graces. Meanwhile, Tandy tries to soak up the sympathy from Phil’s beat down.

Tandy’s storyline executed better in the second half. He had too many predictable jokes based on appeasing the group, such as grabbing Gale’s chips.

It got better when he helps with Phil after seeing Phil try to be a parent by making baby furniture. Tandy became more sympathetic towards the audience after saving Phil from drowning on the beach. Also, Tandy had some hilarious moments moving Phil back on the surfboard.

The other storylines were a bit rushed. Todd and Melissa breaking up seemed more to give potential storylines in the future.

The baby storyline with Carol and Erica had some good laughs with Carol insisting on some names like “Your Belinda.” Also, Carol’s obsession with kids appears to be a main storyline again this season.

Overall this episode tended to take more baby steps than monumental leaps. At least the group is (almost) fine with Tandy back in the fold.

Some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • The destruction on the show gets better with Melissa Clay shooting old smartphones.
  • Tandy and Carol driving down the grocery aisle in their cars are convenient.

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