The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E6 “ A Real Live Wire”

What happens when Tandy tries to fix things?

Title card for The Last Man on Earth show.

The episode “A Real Live Wire” improved a bit upon last week with some good timed and awkward jokes.

This week’s main storylines revolved around Tandy and Todd trying to setup solar panels due to a lack of resources. Phil went on strike because the group ignored his contributions.

Of course Tandy’s plan goes awry as he and Todd can’t figure out how to turn off the live electric wire. Trying to put a blanket over the panels had the good joke of it just being dumb enough to do.

As for the fight between Phil and Tandy, the dynamic of the group’s opinion against Phil should lead to new storylines to explore.

Meanwhile Carol’s old plotline about repopulating to the other women provided some good laughs. It’s a repeated theme that had a few moments, mostly when Carol drew the creepy picture of Todd and Melissa’s future child.

A foreshadow that led to the big moment of episode,  Erica telling Phil that she’s pregnant after he begged Carol to join him on his exodus from the group.

I think this came a bit out of left field for Erica’s storyline. Although hinted through Carol’s lobbying, they didn’t add enough scenes to make it organic. It felt a bit contrived, but we’ll see where this leads.

Overall this episode improved a bit upon the previous episode, but not by much.

  • The group playing Jenga with gold bars added hilarity.
  • Kudos to the writers on making a joke about a fist-bump
  • Tandy still using the ocean as his personal toilet is funny.

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