The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E5 “ Crickets”

Blackmail by bacon.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth.

Following up last episodes somewhat negative tone, “Crickets” had more positive vibes but lacked the jokes.

This episode revolved around Tandy finding out Todd’s secret that Todd had been hiding and eating bacon from the rest of the group.

Both of them had great scenes enjoying delicious bacon. However, that’s all the storyline provided with jokes.

Despite Tandy still  hated by the group, I enjoyed how Tandy tried to take the fall for Todd. After Tandy’s plan backfired by attaching garbage to a ski-doo and having it land on the beach was funny. The showrunners are starting to build back the friendship between these two was a nice touch to Tandy’s long road of redemption.

The B-storyline and C-storyline involved Melissa getting stitches, while Erica and Carol squashed their feud over Phil.

These didn’t provide great laughs overall as they were typical. Gail did get some chuckles with here drunken medical procedure. Carol cooking and eating the crickets was funny, especially since Kristen Schaal had to eat real crickets.

Overall an alright episode with Tandy having a redeeming moment.

  • Tandy’s commenting about getting salmonella from chicken, but not chickenella from salmon.
  • Gail’s impressive ability to say the alphabet backwards.

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