Angry Birds 2: Android App Review

Pay-to-fly and you’ll soar high big points

Angry Birds has become such a popular game since the original came out in 2011. There’s multiple sequels, toys and even a movie coming out soon. But how does Angry Birds 2 work as a true sequel to the original? If you can put up with the some reused ideas and pay-to-play then you’ll enjoy it.

The story is the same as you fight to save the eggs from the evil pigs. What’s changed is how you do it.

Angry Birds 2 repeats much of the same gameplay from the first with a few twists. It borrows heavily from Angry Birds RPG, whereby you have multiple levels to compete and leveling up the birds.

First is the ability to upgrade each of the birds for stronger effects. For example, Red can push items over more easily. However, I found the attributes varied by each bird, with only Bomb and Chuck having the most impact.

Upgrade each of the birds’ abilities by placing higher in the daily tournament. Higher placement equals more feathers.

In addition this includes the new bird Silver, which flies in a loop, then pounds the ground. Silver’s abilities weren’t too handy as Silver is only useful when ice is the structure. Otherwise, I used it as more to take down key parts in a structure.

Earn feathers to get better abilities.

Gaining those extra stars to increase a bird’s abilities also is confusing. To gain stars you compete daily in the arena against others. Your score  competes with others that day. The higher the score the more stars you get.

I get if you’re in first with time left you lose first place. But when you’re in a lower standing like fourth place, and I somehow got first place confused me about the scoring system.

They’ve also added multiple stages to beat one level. These are fine until they start to get above three stages, where you then need spells to help you out. Spells can add a much-needed help, but act more as an easy win.

One stage down, three more to go until I beat this level...
One stage down, three more to go until I beat this level…

Level designs are alright with a  few added environment designs that affect gameplay such as wind fans. However, I wished there had been more environment effects frequently to add more challenge. Most of the time I found it only happened here and there.

Some new designs like this Halloween theme for the goo present new, fun challenges.
Some new designs like this Halloween theme for the level present new, fun challenges.

Graphic and music wise it’s pretty much the same. However, it ran smooth on my Note 4 and never had an issue.

There were a couple of glitches along the way, such as a tower randomly collapsing for no reason.

The biggest issue is the pay-to-play aspect. (Or as I like say the pay-to-watch if you want to do it without paying.) You’ll constantly need to buy spells and extra chances to advance the levels.

It’s obvious with the spells. The first paid commercial I got as a spell was for Honey Nut Cheerios. Gameplay wise, well, get ready to empty your pockets or put in an excruciating amount of time to beat certain levels.

Finally win! After a half dozen tries...
Finally a win! After a half dozen tries…

In the end this is a fun, if you’re willing to pay real money.


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