The Last Man on Earth: S2.E4 “C to the T”

How does Tandy handle the big house?

Title card for The Last Man on Earth show.

After a threatening the group with a gun while apologizing for is past behavior, how does Tandy handle his punishment? With more self-punishment that leads to a bit too much pity.

This episode had Tandy believe that if he could start to get back into the good graces of the group by inflicting more punishment on himself for his behavior.

There were some funny gags throughout the episode as Tandy’s situation got worse (due to his fault). Most of the episode hinged on Forte bringing out the Macgruber style of self-depreciating humor that worked for a bit.

Watching Tandy break his “solitary” confinement to eat cheese, only to then punish himself with multiple shock collars and an actual solitary confinement grew from funny to pitiful. Don’t get me wrong, the charades part is hilarious as the group tries to decipher what he says (e.g. the group yelling out the tv show The X Factor!).

Yet when Tandy starts to beg and pout for forgiveness is when the episode recedes to one of last season’s issues of Tandy being too pitiful at times.

Furthermore, the group became inhospitable and unlikable with Tandy’s punishment. Yes, Tandy has done some harsh (and crazy) things. But for the group to actually do and say it (except Carol who’s vetting for Tandy) in a visceral way made them all unlikable.

Thankfully, Tandy had his redeeming moment by putting out the Tiki fire, but has a long way for the group to trust him.

Finally, what’s up with Todd’s secret? Him sneaking out at night (which probably caused the fired) and the episode ended his plot-line on a creepy note that raises a lot of questions.

Overall, it’s a decent episode that falls victims to Tandy and the group being unlikable at times.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Looking forward to seeing Todd’s secret and how the group will handle it.
  • Where’s Mike Miller, Tandy’s brother? He’s been MIA since the premier.

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