The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E3 “Dead Man Walking”

Tandy’s apology goes awry, with great laughs.

Title card for The Last Man on Earth show.

Watching the episode I had to wonder how many times, Phil (aka Tandy) can apologize in the most ludicrous way. I have to say the show nailed it.

This week’s episode had Carol trying to convince the group of forgiving Tandy. Plans didn’t go right as Tandy tried to force his way to an apology.

The jokes were flying high for the most of the episode, even though Carol had a few typical ones due to her plot-line.

Tandy had some new destruction mode moments with his indoor RV batting cage and shooting M&Ms from his nose into a hat.

Carol also had some great jokes despite her plotline that forced her into some typical jokes. The best part had her drawing Tandy’s fake death- with the sketches that zoomed in on Tandy’s death.

However, the best laugh went to Tandy with his apology by holding everyone at gunpoint. An absurd way to return into someone’s grace but the joke worked.

Finally, the show-runners are making Carol into a more likable Tandy. We’ve already seen her accidentally kill Gordon in last episode. Now that she’s back, she’s creating friction within the group. Not only did she bring Tandy- the most hated man on the planet- with her, she’s causing drama for her old friends.

Erica hates Carol for having Phil break up with her for Carol . Gale hates Carol for killing her lover Gordon (who she had big issues with). Todd and Melissa may not hold out as she brought back Phil.

Overall this is a funny episode with a ton of potential for the next episode.

Here are some of my other thoughts:

  • When’s Mike Miller, Tandy’s brother, going to show up?
  • The writers wrote a great joke about Michael Jackson reference the singer’s own songs.
  • Looking forward to how Todd and Melissa will treat Carol now that she’s back… with Tandy.

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