Community Review: S6.E13 “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”

The (possible) final  episode ends with a bang.

Title image for series in opening credits. Source:

If this is Community’s last episode, overall it did a good job as (potential) final episode.

Written by Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna, the two hit on all the aspects of why or why not to extend the show beyond six seasons. As always, the episode centered on Jeff handling all the changes with people leaving for the summer, who may not return for the fall.

One by one we see Community poke fun at all the different ways season seven could play out. Some were great such as Abed and Jeff’s. The flash-forwards by Chang, Dean, and Frankie fell flat with typical jokes that didn’t work.

And one by one, we see different characters depart for the summer. Elroy’s departure felt a bit forced (but he had some riff scenes later on). Then Annie followed him with her going away to the FBI on an internship that was followed by Abed moving to L.A. to focus on his film career. Although Annie and Abed didn’t leave till the end, the message was clear. The show may not be back for a seventh season.

How Community fans felt after six seasons. Source:

We also saw the show tell some great jokes about itself and other television shows in general about staying on longer than its shelf life. Abed is spot on with the pros and cons of a show staying on past its prime. For example, he describes the show’s formula as an issue. “If we stick to it, we’re boring. If we stray from it we’re weird,” Abed said.

Furthermore, with this possibly being the last episode, Community decided to settle the Jeff-Annie relationship that had been dormant for years. I think Harmon and McKenna did the right thing by trying to tie-up all the lose-ends as possible. Showing how Jeff wanted to be with Annie at the end and made his signature move help put closure on the story line.

In the end this is the episode Community fans needed for closure. As Joel McHale pointed out earlier in the year, it may be tough to extend the show further as all the actors contracts are up after this year.

However, he show has been a part of our lives the past six years and made a lasting impact on its metaphysical and unique humor. Community has made it in television despite the odds and will continue to be a great show that people have not yet watched. The only thing left for us fans is a movie to bring it full circle.

My other thoughts about the episode:

  • How Elroy and Annie made jokes about how nobody uses LinkedIn.
  • The show having a lot of fun with it self.
  • The gang renaming the committee as “nipple dippers.”
  • How did I miss the Dean not wearing any ridiculous outfits this season?!
  • A bit surprised the show was able to get away with an expletive.
  • Jeff and Annie having an opinion about those boring Marvel movies.
  • The ending gag got a bit dark, but pulled out the self-deferential humor at the right time.

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