The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E2 “The Boo”

Finding Carol by Cars, Trains, and Steamrollers.

Title card of tv show.

This episode paced itself well and hit all the right notes a lot. We didn’t spend too much time on Phil finding Carol or the preceding plot line.

Phil attempts to reconnect with Carol through some funny scenes. For example, Phil  grafting the side of the train  (which seems highly unlikely though that he got it to work). The episode revolved around Phil and Carol deciding to move to Malibu. The rest of the gang has moved there and would like Carol to join (but not Tandy).

I had some good laughs at how Phil and Carol tried to communicate with each other. She tried with those obnoxious inflatable tube things you see at car dealerships, with her last-ditch attempt ending it catching on fire. Phil tried balloons but didn’t use helium.

Then we watch as Phil and Carol debate on moved to a new location-based on the others’ needs.

I’m glad these characters are developing  (at least for now) as the show progresses. It be really hard to continue a show in which Phil is unlikable 99 percent of the time. Both of them are considering each other’s needs.

But of course, he does the dumb thing by driving to Malibu where the rest of the gang lives, despite Carol’s objections.  The ending though leaves some questioning in my mind. Carol accidentally giving the guest character, Gordon, played by Will Ferrell, a heart attack by a surprised “boo” joke may make her the new Phil this season.

I think the second episode should give us some interesting plot lines for the season, and hopefully not run into familiar territory.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Phil trying to communicate with Carol by Steamroller… with disastrous effects.
  • Eric (The Soccer Bal) is then ran over by said Steamroller (I loved the reference to “Castaway.)
  • I hope they incorporate Phil’s brother more in future episodes, as he had zero airtime this week.
  • How is Will Ferrell’s character going to be used in TLME?

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