The Last Man on Earth Review: S2.E1 “Is Anybody Out There?”

Get ready for a phil-abuster…

Title card of tv show.

[Spoiler alert!]

The Last Man on Earth was one of my favorite shows last year. Despite some growing pains in season one, this is one of the best shows because the oddball humor and destruction that ensues.

Six months after season one ended, Phil and Carol are road tripping across the U.S.A. But they’re fighting over where to settle.

I’m glad they made the characters grow as each became less jaded and compromised for the other.  Some examples include Carol shooting down the grocery store door in the beginning minutes, while Phil considered Carol’s concern about putting the dropped (but luckily unarmed) bomb from the stealth fighter away.

The episode also had some great puns while the two were at The White House. In my opinion The best pun had to be the Phil-abuster joke.

Overall the best joke went to the MIA song Paper Planes. After Phil accidentally leaves Carol at a gas station in Oklahoma, Carol shoots her gun in the air in hopes Phil hears the sound.  I laughed out loud when the scene cut to Phil singing to MIA’s song.

However, the episode did feel a bit more of a setup of the season. We get to see more of Phil’s brother, Mike, played by SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, who didn’t have many jokes. Yet we get to see his isolation up on the space station.

The other storyline is where the rest of the group in Tucson went? Fire damage to Phil’s old house doesn’t bode well, but we’ll see how it plays out.

In conclusion this is a good season premier that I hope the show builds upon.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Phil dressed in camouflage when he returns home to Tucson to avoid detection.
  • We get to see more of Carol’s past in Delware.
  • Phil and Carol having a make out session using statues of USA president heads.

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