Community Review: S6.E12 “Wedding Videography”

An episode without Abed, sort of.

 The second to last episode of season six took a unique twist with a wedding documentary.  Moreover, we watched an episode sans Abed for the majority of the time as he was shooting the film.

The storyline had Garrett, a minor character with an eccentric personality at Greendale, marry his girlfriend while Abed documented it on his video camera. The gang ends up attending and becomes the center of attention, but of course, they do.

The episode hit a few jokes well. Elroy’s complementing white people had a few good moments, especially when the bride and groom were picking out their dinner. Also, Jeff toasting a little too well that led to a  “surprise” knowledge was pretty funny.

However, the episode lacked that Community humor we’ve come to love. Most of the time the jokes didn’t hit the mark that often. For example, Annie and Frankie bonding over their passion of organization with a to do list wasn’t all that funny.

Most importantly, Abed didn’t appear much in this episode, save for a few comments in the first half. Taking out his pop-culture attitude made the episode less whole fun and the group dynamics less interesting.

Overall this is an alright episode with a few good laughs. I’m hoping for more in the season finale and can’t wait to watch it.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Chang had a good moment to be the hero.
  • The cast impersonated celebrities using Garret’s voice instead.
  • Jeff Winger making the bottom drawer of his classroom desk into a cooler.

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