Community Review: S6.E10 “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”

Time for some flashbacks

With the group traveling far for a gigantic statue of a hand, does the episode get a high-five? Well, it receives a half a high-five.

This episode had another situation where the group is stuck in one scene (Elroy’s RV) for most of the episode. The storyline had the group taking a road trip to try and sell a gigantic hand statue the Dean bought on a whim.

During that trip I didn’t get much laughs as I thought the jokes were tried and true. For example, the group draining the battery due to charging their electronics is nothing new.

The b-storyline had the same issue, with Abed trying to flashback to the scenes that led to the group’s current situation.Many of the flashbacks didn’t work for me due to either the different angle change or the extra-line or two added by Jeff.

However, when Abed gave the emotional speech the jokes really hit, especially with the Star Wars reference.

Overall the episode took a while to get going as most of the better jokes came towards the end. It’s just the road trip to those jokes makes it a long ride.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Annie accidentally insulting Elroy’s RV by math was pretty good.
  • The writers poking fun about the Armed Forces Day holiday competing with Memorial Day is funny.
  • I also liked the bit about hanging up to speak to a customer representative, as we’ve all been there.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.



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