Community Review: S6.E9 “Grifting 101”

Learning the art of the con.

I had hoped this episode would improve upon the previous one, especially after last episodes lackluster performance. Although the con game didn’t quite worked out it was still somewhat enjoyable.

This week’s crazy course had the gang (albeit Jeff) sign-up for “Grifting 101” to learn the art of the con from Professor DeSalvo. After the gang finds out it’s a fraud, Jeff signs up to help con the con-artist.

The biggest issue during this episode were the how the jokes didn’t expand enough upon the tried and true forms of con-movies. For example, the obviously lame telegraph gimmick done twice didn’t elicit a lot of laughs.

Later in the episode, though, there were some great lines. Mainly, the group deciphering Jeff’s plan was hilarious, until he started to whine about the pressure to out-due DeSalvo.

Britta and the group also came in a pinch though, with her plan by secretly grifting DeSalvo. I appreciated this storyline for her character as she’s normally portrayed as the person who can’t do anything correct.

Overall this was an okay episode with some laughs but mostly missed opportunities.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Britta only needing three more years to get her degree, after attending six years at Greendale.
  • The Dean counting the stacks, not the actual dollar amount.
  • Chang is still not that funny.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.


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