Fallout Shelter: Android Review

Overseer of nothing.

The vault is still deceiving.

Fallout Shelter finally came out on Android a few weeks ago. I’ve been playing it for about over a week to the full extent (i.e. it didn’t constantly crash on me).

I won’t go over everything as my original review  covered more aspects. However, my current review is mostly the same, except for two things: the app barely  crashes on my android tablet, the fun part not being  as delightful as I had hoped. With the exception of a few add-ons to recycled game-play mechanics, such as Deathclaws attacking the vault, the game is meaningless.

In my iPad review I said it was fun. This was partly due to the fact I wasn’t able to play the app fully because the game kept crashing constantly. So I was still hooked on the hope I could further play it. Another factor that made it initially fun is Fallout Shelter is one of those tap games. Tap-games are addicting for one reason- the instant gratification of earning resources.

Once you peel off the brand name and great looking graphics, though, you’re left with the most simplest of questions. Why am I playing this game? What’s the point?

The biggest issue of Fallout Shelter is the fact that it is has no purpose. Yes, you’re trying to rebuild society in your vault. But after spending over week continuing to build my vault, I found my purpose playing the game became less clear.

Completing objectives for caps or the occasional lunchbox is fun, especially since the latter is essentially opening a pack of baseball cards and hoping for a great card like Ken Griffey Jr.

However, outside of those objectives there’s not much else to accomplish. What’s the point in building your vault if all you’re doing is gathering resources? Random incidents such as raiders only alleviate the issue temporarily, by forcing you to focus on recovering the lost resources. Sending out dwellers to the wasteland is a longer process of the former, but still the same exercise of gathering resources.

There should be a larger goal to keep you interacted with the game. For example, why not compete against other players to raid their vault for equipment? Or trying to work with others Overseers to rebuild the fallen government of the USA?

Worst yet is the challenge wears off as you become stronger. Even with the new additions to the game I could still withstand all the incidents and attacks on my vault.

Thus, the repetition of building resources as your sole purpose results in the game becoming a tedious chore.

My suggestion is skip this game and wait until Fallout 4 comes out in November. No matter the outcome of that game, you’ll have a lot more interesting goals to complete than tapping away for water.

What are your thoughts? Write your comments below.


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