Community Review: S6.E8 “Intro to Recycled Cinema”

A times a Chang and someone may be getting out of Greendale for good.

A times a Chang and someone may be getting out of Greendale for good.

As the title implies, we have another movie-themed episode. At this point in the series it feels a bit overdone with the movie themed episodes  in the past (Laws of Robotics and Basic Party is the most recent episode, even as a b-storyline).

Chang  finally becomes famous  from his commercial catchphrase “Ham girl!” Of course, the gang tries to take advantage of his newfound fortune by scrambling to create a terrible movie, with his outtakes.

There wasn’t a whole lot of new ideas presented in this film, as a lot of jokes were pretty typical. For instance, the gang made up as the film went along due to the short-time frame and the film being terrible.

However, the episode did get the “it’s so bad it’s good to watch” aspect. I had a couple of laughs at obviously poor prop designs. Also, they had some great Star Wars references with the Frisbees.

What caught me by surprised is how this episode wasn’t about Abed overcoming his inability to actually show a movie to an audience. It revolved around Jeff worrying about being the last person to leave Greendale. I would have liked it to be about Abed more, as Abed needed to get over his hump of actually showing a movie.

Overall this episode was enjoyable, especially over last week’s episode.

Here are some of my other thoughts about the episode:

  • Jeff’s comment on why every non-humanoid had the same lines in the movie.
  • The industry joke about how some roles are a revolving door.
  • Annie took her role seriously as stereotypical heroine.
  • Abed commenting on his goal to succeed with the movie, which would allow him make weird obscure ones.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.


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