Community Review: S6.E4 Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing

Metaphysical jokes can’t help this episode.  

The episode started off with a great premise and some metaphysical jokes. However, the three concurrent storylines did not execute well as the episode progressed.

Starting the episode had Chang and Annie trying out for the theater adaptation of Karate Kid was amusing. I liked Chang’s plot in this episode, since he finally got to have a positive story in a long time. It also made him a lot less annoying, if even for an episode.

What didn’t work as well was the metaphysical jokes about acting. Yes, the director yelling at Chang as inspiration to improve his acting was funny but. But it got real old quick. I hoped they were going to have a new spin on this trope but they didn’t.

The second storyline dealt with the Dean delving in the political life by (sort of) coming out of the closest to be on the school board. This led to some great jokes about the  Although the pay-off joke ended in disappointment with the a-political joke.

Finally we saw some interaction between Abed and Elroy in the c-storyline. It offered very little in terms of plot and jokes. But they were able to throw in a few good IT jokes to save it.

Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing felt as if it had more to offer but didn’t quite hit on all cylinders.

Here are some of my other quick thoughts about the episode:

  • Abed telling Elroy that IT people do nothing.
  • The school board execs cameos are always great.
  • Annie thinking she was a great actor but isn’t.
  • Elroy as the new IT lady.
  • Elroy taking his glasses off in frustration, constantly.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.


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