Fallout Shelter: Ipad Review

Defective vault technology

Image used for the game app.

[Update: I made a few corrections to the post. The first is my review  was for Pocket Planes, not Tiny Tower. I thought I had written a review for Tiny Tower on WordPress, but  it must have been on an older blog site I used to have on Blogspot. Also, after doing more research on the internet it seems that Fallout Shelter works best on newer devices in general, like the iPad 3. Still, I wished they hadn’t allow users with older devices to download the game it wouldn’t run smoothly. Lastly, the version was 1.0.2, not 1.02.]

I’m running low on resources due to an increase in population. Dwindling resources force me to rush productions to get more vital resources for my vault. I pray the app does not crash as it has constantly done before, because my inhabitants are on the brink of starvation. I push the button expecting an outcome. What occurs next is worst, I can’t even open my saved game anymore.

Released at the E3 conference for the Fallout 4 conference, Fallout Shelter appeared to be a great fix until Fallout 4’s release date this November.

I was initially wary of this game, as I’ve played these tap-growth games before (check my Pocket Planes review for an example). After playing this for a few days on the 1.0.2 version on the iPad, I sadly have to say skip it, if you plan use it on the iPad.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an enjoyable game as Bethesda brings its own twist to the tap-a-thon game. I’ll attest to this as I constantly spent the past few days checking up on my vault.

What makes Fallout Shelter stand out is the role-playing aspects. Items help the SPECIAL stats of your citizens and you send dwellers out to find loot in the wasteland.

Graphically it is magnificent by universe using the cartoon style from the series. In addition to the graphics, the aesthetically helps to promote the Fallout tone of the game.

Sadly there’s a lot of things that hinder this game.

Dragging and dropping dwellers to each location can be cumbersome and annoying. At times it’s difficult to place dwellers in the right spot, or by accident switch them with another dweller more suited for the job. It becomes more apparent when you’re under attack and the citizens with no guns are not replaced with ones that do have guns. This occurs mostly when you’re under attack by raiders and rad roaches.

Assigning items and checking on citizens are burdensome as well. Although I only had about 37 people, it became a chore to check on everyone and assign them gear quickly. I think it could of used a quick-add to make it more convenient.

The biggest issue is how often the game crashes on my iPad 2. It consistently stops within 30 minutes, or when I try to do a “rush” to get more resources. I couldn’t go more than a few rush attempts at best before it crashed.

This is how I felt after the app crashed multiple times. Source-Found this on a good search. There’s a link at the bottom of the post to the site.

I read some reviews on the iTunes app about the game crashing on iPads. It appears that Fallout Shelter works best for the iPhones 5 and 6, but not on other apple products (such as the iPad).

It’s too bad, as I was working my resource crisis when the app consistently loops into the main screen.

I guess my level 43 dweller Bittercup will have to survive in the wasteland, and my vault inhabitants, until Bethesda comes out with a patch for the Ipads.

What did you think of the game? Leave your comments below.

Sources- For the first one I used the one from the Wikipedia page. Here’s the link to the second image I used.


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