Community Review: S6.E3 “Basic Crisis Room Decorum”

We gave a degree to a dog!… Allegedly.

Following a great episode in Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care, Community gets the results again with the situation room.

The setup of the episode is hilarious as City College runs an political-style attack ad against Greendale. Why the does the gang care? Apparently, Greendale gave Ruffles, a dog, a four-year degree.

They nailed the tense atmosphere situation room with all the whiteboards and different time zones. Jeff delving into the “truth” and eventually creating an attack ad on the dog was hilarious.

Frankie also had a great line in the episode about hope, which I won’t spoil.

One thing I’m still not on board is Chang. At this point in the show Chang spews forced, random sentences that makes his character stick out in a bad way.

As for Elroy, it appears for now that he’s becoming a more likeable Pierce. I’m hoping they go a different route with his character to provide a new angle.

Finally, I want to mention that Abed may by the soul of the show, but Annie is the moral compass. Annie consistently sticks up for Greendale, no matter the insane situation.

Overall I liked the episode and think it hit a lot of laughs,

Here are some of my quick thoughts and favorite lines from the episode:

  • Abed’s response to Chang’s nerdness insult, “Nah, most of us have achieved our potential.”
  • Whether or not Ruffles got a degree could be proven.
  • In the political attack ad, “Who is the real dog, Ruffles?”
  • Elroy had a nice line who  about how somethings are silly and evil, like candy cigarettes. Or Flavor-Flavs tv show.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.


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