Community Review: S6.E2. “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care”

Welcome to the third-Deanmension!

I liked the second episode better compared to the premier. It mostly is due to the creator making fun of the horrible movies in the early 90s about virtual worlds. (Check out Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves to see what I mean. Not one of his better movies)

The main storyline involved the Dean buying a Virtual Reality set and becoming engrossed in the world.

Virtual Reality jokes really hit well in this episode. Jeff and the Dean had the best lines of the episodes. The Dean shouting out loud about moving files, “And Jesus wept of And Jesus wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer!” is a lol moment. Later on when Jeff  makes a great reference to The Matrix Trilogy when he tells Frankie, “Keep white Morpheus inside the Matrix.”

I also enjoyed the new addition to the cast with Elroy Patashnik. I think his character will add a nice touch of sanity to an insane group, especially the deep voice Keith David.

For the b-story it was slightly better than okay. Britta’s rebelling against her nice parents didn’t show anything new, but had some great lines. Jeff telling Britta about how her parents have paid-off their friends led to Jeff saying, “I eat love, Britta.” Also, Britta’s parents mention how she be great on Tinder hit the funny yet uncomfortable moment perfectly.

Overall I liked how this episode brought a more cohesive style of jokes based on the episodes theme of old 90 movies about virtual reality.

Here are some of my quick thoughts and favorite lines from the episode:

  • Roommate movie night as a distraction.
  • The end credits with the Portuguese Gremlin version hits the mark.
  • The Jimmy Fallon Syndrome.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.


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