Game of Thrones Review: S5.E10 “Mother’s Mercy”

That backstabbing Olly!

{Note: Full spoilers from the tv show and books!]

I’ve been a bit busy this week starting a new summer job. However, I finally have time to post this article.

The show ended on a big bang, with another notable death in the series.

There are differences the show made events than the books. I won’t go into them all, but if you’re interested (and don’t care about book spoilers) here’s an article by Vox on the differences.

Throughout the episode I wasn’t too shocked at what happened in the episode. I had already read the books, so I expected most of what happened.

Arya going blind was the right call in terms of her punishment in the show. She couldn’t become no one as she still held onto her identity as a Stark. However, she ignored the philosophy behind the Many-Faced God’s mantra because of her own motives. Combined with her impatience to learn the ways of the organization her actions finally caught up with her.

In King’s Landing we finally see Cersei emotionally breakdown. Her strength became her weakness, as she’s humiliated and dehumanized by the High Septon. GOT makes you feel about characters you even hate, (with the exception of a few). Even though Cersei has done terrible things, after watching her scene you can’t help but wished she hadn’t been subjected to such horrible acts.

Cersei is not down, though. Her eye’s showed her intentions for revenge against The Sparrows, which should be good to watch.

The big scene of the night went to Jon. Olly’s final betrayal of Jon and stabbing him last surprised me the most.

The show does a good job of killing off Jon by making this more of a mutiny. Jon dies because he did the Stark thing by doing the right thing, without thinking of the other implications. He didn’t manage the discontent of the Night’s Watch, and had an enemy as his number one. Those who betrayed him didn’t believe him about the White Walkers. Then they joined Ser Alliser because of their entrenched hatred for Jon allowing the Wildlings into the realm .

As for Jon’s fate, I think he’s dead for good. Kit Harrington talked about not coming back for show permanently with Entertainment Weekly. Furthermore, the show has proven itself as its own entity. By not having Jon’s storyline in the future, the showrunners will have time to explore new storylines to expand the GOT universe.

Overall this was another emotional and eventful episode for a series that continues to outperform expectations.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below.


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