Game of Thrones Review: S5.E9 “The Dance of Dragons”

Drogon to the rescue!

Episode nine has proven to be the game changer each season (the exception of course is season 4) and episode nine of season five continues to support the case.

Arya’s story line on killing Meryn Trant may have repercussions with Jaqen. She’s supposed to be doing the biding of the Faceless God, but her own agenda may interfere with her success.

The Dorne storyline surprisingly fell flat. I thought there would be more drama then just a political mulligan given to Jamie. However, given the short scenes the showrunners have given Dorne this season it came as no surprise. I’m also glad to see Bronn is still alive as I want to see more of his adventures throughout the show.

As for the big battle over in Mereen, the Sons of the Harpies put on a tense and thrilling battle.  What this showed is how far the city has fallen into chaos due to the cultural religious fanatics.

Most importantly, Tyrion’s foreshadow of how to rule a city in the previous episode came true. Daeny no longer rules the city because she didn’t know how to keep the coalition of rich and poor together. Add her judgement based on her black and white view only exacerbated the problem.

The biggest shocker of the night goes to Stannis. I think he sacrifices his daughter Shireen, because he believes he is the rightful heir to the throne and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. His whole storyline has been about his birthright to the throne. However, he didn’t act without morality though, as we saw the more tender (yet still rigid personality) of Stannis’ feelings for his daughter throughout this season.

I have to give credit to the showrunners for making Shireen a central character. We cared about her through her relationships with other characters, such as Davos. The GOT show has proven to make characters from the book who aren’t great be meaningful in the show. Shireen is one of those examples and she’ll be missed.

Finally as a side note, the name of the episode is a bit confusing as it’s very similar to name of the book, A Dance with Dragons. Also, Shireen heavily mentions the Targaryn story, which leads me to believe this theory about Jon Snow.

In the end this show upped the drama again and keeps pulling out all the stops.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below.


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