Game of Thrones Review: S5.E8 “Hardhome”

Where’s the zombie survival guide when you need one?

I finally caught up on GOT and I have to say this episode raises the drama meter to high.

Two main plots drove the episode. The first one is deals with Tyrion becoming an adviser to Daeny. I’m glad the showrunners just cut to the chase as to not waste time. She saw a need and took it, with some playful banter to test the waters.

Tyrion played the game right as she could have him killed. Even during the funny banter he had with Daeny of who is the worst child portrayed Tyrion’s cunning genius.

He also made the right move by having Jorah walk away with his life. Again, knowing the recent history between Jorah and Daeny, he spared Jorah the sword (by Daeny’s rule that is). I think Tyrion will still help Jorah get back into Daeny’s good grace by the end of the season.

The big reveal of the episode had the White Walkers and their horde of the undead overrun the Wildling village. The fight scene is excellent as it had the a good horror/zombie movie visual of the fight. Most chilling is seeing the Wilding Woman eaten by dead kids.

As for the fight scene between Jon and one of the White Walker, here is what I think the show revealed about the books.

If my memory serves me correct, Jon Snow’s sword is made with Valyrian material (i.e. it has special powers imbued in it).  I think the material in his sword is made with the same (or similar) material to Dragonglass. Thus, that’s how Jon parried and ultimately defeated one of the White Walkers. I’m not a 100 percent sure on this but if it’s right that’s my theory.

However, the dread on Jon’s faced said it all. When one of the White Walker Warriors raised the dead instantaneously, while saying you can’t stop us.

An honorable mention goes to Sansa for finding out that Reek didn’t kill her brothers and that they may be alive (at least Bran).

I can’t wait for the this week’s episode as it should prove to be another jaw-dropping moment.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below.


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