Game of Thrones Review: S5.E7 “The Gift”

The show is revving up the hype to episode nine

I’m a bit behind on the show as I had a few things to finish last week.

Watching this week’s episode, the show is revving up the hype to earth-shattering episode nine of season five.

The episode’s theme revolves around the results of taking risks.

Starting off with Sansa, she always has a deluge of problems she can never overcome.  Her character arc has officially slid from potential player to someone who constantly has bad luck.  There’s still time for her character arc to recoup to become the potential stakeholder. However, I think the showrunners are giving her the trial by fire, even though I think they should have her move on from being a pawn.

Up in the icy cold winter we saw two things that occurred. Sam valiantly (yet failed) to protect Gilly, with the help of Ghost from his so called “brothers.” I liked how Sam has grown to where he at least will stand up to others.

As for Stannis, will he sacrifice his own daughter for the sake of being king? I hope not, as he has somewhat redeemed himself through the past episodes.

As for Jamie Lannister and Bronn, well, at least they’re alive. The scenes in Dorne have been far too brief, and Jamie’s scene is a result of that. As for Bronn, he appears to be living , for now. I figured he was poisoned in the last episode as we got a quick cut scene that focused on his injury. I hope Bronn stays alive as he’s a real fan favorite.

Finally, the two biggest scenes went to Jorah and Cersei. I think Jorah will fight his way back to Daeny’s heart and win the Grand Champion Fighter of The Pits. Of course, Tyrion no doubt will help Jorah at his critical moment. I’m excited to see the new dynamic between Tyrion and Daeny, as she needs a smart adviser since they seem to be killed off.

What happened to Cersei is no surprise as she got what was coming for her. The High Septon being a fanatic religion who does not compromise his religious values had been heavily foreshadowed in previous episodes. I liked the reminder with Lady Olenna and the High Septon’s quips back at each other about who influences whom.

Overall this episode is setting up for a bigger payout in episode nine, and I can’t wait for it.


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