Game of Thrones Review: S5.E6 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

The show sticks to its guns, no matter what.

(Note: Full Spoilers!)

This episode seemed to focus on whether you could be true to yourself while playing the game. For the most part, it didn’t work out well for the characters.

Arya is the best example (with the exception of Tyrion of, course). Although she continues to fail at the “Who are you?,” game, her mentor decides she’s ready to be someone else. The scene with the wall full of the faces collected from the dead people is eerily creepy yet cool. The House of Black and White essentially have a database of free faces to use.

However, I do wonder whether or not Arya will make a great assassin. The reason is the Faceless Men need to be anyone in order carry out and remain undetected. Yes Arya can pretend to be someone. Yet she needs to be able to lie in her natural state to succeed.

Over in King’s Landing, I think we get the best scenes from Cersei’s two interactions. First with Lady Oleynna, where Cersei barely acknowledges the issues with the Sparrows imprisoning Martell. Then when Littlefinger appears and we see his scheming plan to win the North showed her ability to trust the wrong people.

Cersei’s mistrust of others led to her terrible plot of having the new High Septon imprison both the Margaery and her brother.  Of course, Cersei says she takes no responsibility for their actions as she never officially gave the order. This is a foreshadow of what to come as Cersei can play the political game, but not as the ruler. She’s basically ended the alliance since she hates Margaery, yet brushes off the political and financial loss the Tyrell family gives to the kingdom.

As for Sansa, it was hard to watch her character in the last scene after what she’s been through. I hope the showrunners improve her situation, as the uproar over this scene caused yet another rift with many viewers.

Overall the episode featured some powerful scenes that got the drama going. However the last scene may have dampened the episode.


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