Game of Thrones Review: S5.E5 “Kill the Boy”

Making the hard choices, even if no one will like you.

[Note: Spoilers!]

This is the first episode that Got fell a bit flat. The beginning and ending were great, but the middle lagged in comparison.

The episode’s theme revolved around characters becoming mature and making the right  choice.

Jon made the hard political choice of rescuing the other Wildings beyond The Wall and bringing them back to The Night’s Watch. Watching Jon make the correct move by arguing to move past millenniums hatred because if they don’t rescue the rest of The Wildings, there’s going to be more wights.

What didn’t’ work as well is the constant reminder of how everyone hates Jon for his decision. Maester Aemon telling Jon what needed to be done gives us enough content.

Over in Moat Caitlin, Sansa’s evolution as a character took  a few steps back this episode. The first four episodes built her to be a player under Littlefinger’s tutelage. When her time comes to shine, she does not show her skills.

Yes, she did have some great interaction with Reek. But the new Sansa could have her newfound skills at the awkward dinner party created by Ramsay. However, Sansa answered as if she was still the naïve child at King’s Landing. It would have been better if she instead acted like Maergery and Cersi did to each other, but at the dinner party.

In Mereen Daeny makes some peculiar choices. Her first action to kill of one of the former slave masters was not the correct political move. For a moment she appeared to lean towards her father’s judgement of madness at burning people alive. Shortly thereafter, though, Daeny makes the correct move to reopen the pits to free men. On top of that she’s going to marry her adviser as a show of good faith to the citizens of Mereen that she’s one of them.

I think Daeny is slowly maturing into a proper ruler, albeit she made some terrible decisions. This is due to before where she’s acted on the advice from others with mixed results. What Daeny will learn in the future, is how to critically think on her own to make her decisions, as advised by Missandei.

However, this is just her practice city for when she arrives to Westoros. Right now she’s occupying a foreign city because she’s trying to do the right thing for the former slaves. Otherwise she’d be at King’s Landing by now.

How this all led to a slow city is the middle part didn’t add enough drama or move the story forward. Thankfully the opening and conclusion help to energize an otherwise alright episode.

Some last tidbits about the show. One, the Doom of Valyria was pretty cool, including poor Jorah Mormont contracting Greyscale! Also, I think Roose is playing Ramsay because Roose knows Ramsay cannot unite a divided north. Finally, poor Jorah Mormont now has a death sentence with contracting Greyscale. I wonder if Daeny will be sympathetic to Mormont’s situation and bring him back to her entourage.

What did you think of the episode? Write your comments below.


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