Late to the Game: Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 Edition

Story, comedy, and a gazillion guns!

[Note: Full Spoilers! (But you probably already know them.)]

I finished this game for the 360 a while back in late February, early March. I started playing Sleeping Dogs which made me postpone my review until now. Note, I didn’t play the multiplayer component (read ME3 review for reason).

My expectation of this game is what Borderlands 1 should have been with more focus. I can say, though, that Borderlands 2 does not disappoint.

As a quick recap, you play as one of the four new Vault Hunters on Pandora. Sadly, it’s been taken over by the evil Hyperion Corporation, led by Handsome Jack.

First, the game develops a more coherent story with an incredible villain in Handsome Jack. Jack is the villain Borderlands 1 needed. He speaks with arrogance, self-righteousness, as he antagonizes you throughout the game. His dialogues lead to a lot of funny lines in the game.

Another area the game improves on is the greater focus on comedy.  Borderlands sticks to its dark humor that will make you laugh throughout the game.

Gameplay in Borderlands is  similar to Borderlands 1 with a  few tweaks. I played as the Commander (formerly the Soldier class). I love playing this class because I use the turret as an extra weapon to flank enemies. The biggest change is the element Slag, which enhances other damages like elemental effects. This proved to be the biggest factor as I tried to get combos with Slag for maximum damage.

Of course I can’t leave out the loot system. There’s still a plethora of guns to find. The inventory system helps a bit with some item storage and menu interface to compare items. However, it’s still annoying to find guns a level or two above you that you can’t use. I also didn’t like how I had to grind to gain another level more to use the item that took away some of the fun.

Otherwise the shooting is a bit more refined but frustrating sat times. When I thought I had critical hits but didn’t get any was a bit annoying. Also, the vehicle missions are still underused. You basically go from Point A to Point B.

Furthermore, given the game’s more sizable maps, you do a lot of backtracking in missions, which limits the experience of the latter.

There are also stretched of the game where the difficulty becomes excruciatingly hard that results in you dying way too much. For example, when Sanctuary moves to a new location, I died roughly a dozen times attempting to complete the level against the Hyperion Robots and Thresher Maws.

Overall I loved playing this game as it met my expectations. I can’t wait to play the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


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