Game of Thrones Review: S5.E1 “The Wars to Come”

The true test for the show begins

[Note: Full Spoilers!]

It’s been a while since a I’ve written a television review. However, GOT is one of the shows I follow as both a reader and a television viewer. I’d figure it be a good way to get back into this.(FYI I meant to write and post these reviews every week but got preoccupied with a temp job.)

Season 5 is important because the show will diverge from the books, I figure this is a good way to get back into writing television reviews.

Overall there’s a lot of prediction occurring in the premier episode of season 5. Thankfully the show does a great job of reminding everyone of what’s happened.

The flashback that starts the episode took  me while to figure out. However, I remembered these from the book once I figured it out.

Cersei’s character will be interesting this season as to how far her paranoia will affect Westeros.

She has to grieve over her father after the loss of her son. But she’s terrible at thinking about the larger implications of events, other than the immediate effects.

Both her and Jaime understand the power vacuum left by the death of their father means everyone will want to tear the family apart. When Jaime points out they need to stick together, Cersei only cares about getting revenge on Tyrion.

More importantly  I’m interested if the show will delve further into the impacts of religious fanatics on society. We’ve already seen this with Melisandre using it as a tool on Stannis. With Lancel’s return as a Sparrow I want to see how this is explored. Especially since he mentioned how Cersei may have been involved with the death of Robert Baratheon.

Another aspect is the politics of an army occupying a foreign country  (or in this case a city). Daenreys makes the right morale decision in regards to closing down the fighting pits in Meereen.

In the context of the show, unfortunately, she still has to learn the politics of being a Queen, which means she has to make comprises with other parties. Especially since your dealing with people’s tradition, which can be hard to break. (To be clear, I don’t condone slavery or the fighting pits. The review should only be taken solely within the context of the show.)

I also want to note the Sons of the Harpies should have a big role in how her political time at Meereen.

Finally, the politics within and outside the Night’s Watch should prove interesting to watch. I want to see how others react to Stannis’ iron hand, especially burning Mance alive.  Jon probably hurt his standing with Stannis after the he mercifully killed Mance.

Let’s also not forget, the Night’s Watch elect a new commander. I’m hoping the show puts some time into how this event unfolds.

I’m also impressed and intrigued between the interaction Varys and Tyrion. I loved the banter between the two as they talked about each other’s personalities and their true motives. The relationship has the potential dynamic of Arya and Tywin in season 2. The big question is how Tyrion will accept Varys pitch of bringing Daenreys back to Westeros, considering he’s in self-pity after the events in season 4.

The real test of the show this season, I believe, will be in the showrunners ability to create their unique version of the books that still hooks the audience into watching week after week. Even though they have a guideline of where the books will end, it’s really on their part to keep the show at a high level of quality.

Overall this was a good season opener and if the season premier is any indication, I think they’re up to the challenge.

What did you think of the show’s season five premier? Leave your comments below!


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