Game of Thrones Review: S5.E3 “High Sparrow”

Playing the long con

[Note: Full Spoilers!]

GOT gave us another strong episode with many shocking events.

First up, Sansa marrying Ramsay Bolton as part of Littlefinger’s bigger plan. I, as many of you probably did, shouted NO! What’s interesting here is Sansa finally becoming a player in the game instead of being a bystander. After giving Roose Bolton the polite manner of I hate, it will be interesting to see how she starts to play the game. Will she take the short-term goal and get revenge? Or play the long con for the bigger payout?

In addition, how Baelish reacts to finding out Ramsay’s dark secret and it affected the alliance with Roose should add more drama.

Margaery on the other hand, is playing the game perfect in King’s Landing. She has gained the public on her side and is starting to manipulate Tommen to her advantage. Although it appears she has a soft spot for him as Tommen is incapable of being King. Cersei of course, is not happy about the situation.

She’s finally lost power. We see this in the interaction between her and Margaery, where Margaery subtly says Cersei is done.

Cersei though, sees the High Sparrow, leader of the religious fanatics Sparrows as a potential new ally. The problem though, is religious fanatics don’t follow the same incentives as Cersei. We got to see a bit of their actions against the former High Septon. What I want to see is how the Sparrows actions against the rest of King’s Landing.

I wished Tyrion took Varys advice and stayed in the wagon! Psychology he’s a different as we saw in the brothel. But I don’t think Jorah Mormont will see it that way.

In Braavos, Arya’s wrestling with who she is and who she wants to be. Her scene where she decided to keep Needle because of what it means to her shows her character’s depth.

As some final tidbits, Brienne’s backstory completely made us viewers sympathize her value of loyalty. Let’s not forget the satisfaction of Jon Snow killing of one of the (lesser) villains in Janos Slynt.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comment below.




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