Have all collector editions for Mass Effect series!

Finally completed the trilogy

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog. I finally got around to writing about something I recently completed.

After many years I’ve finally completed my personal collection of all three collector editions of the Mass Effect games for the Xbox 360!

I only needed  the first one in the series and bought a copy on eBay this past holiday season.

I’m a fan of the trilogy for many reasons, mainly the story and characters. I also enjoyed playing the first Mass Effect game, despite some notable weaknesses, like the clunky item menu and the graphic hiccups.

Originally, I bought a regular edition of the game. However, this was long after the initial release of the game in 2007. After completing the first game I decided to buy the collector edition for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. I didn’t get the first Mass Effect Collector Edition because I never got around to it until this past holiday season.

I used eBay since I found it the easiest to find the game. But two main issues came up during my purchase.

Mass Effect 1 Collector Edition

First, I had not used eBay before.  Thus, I lacked bidding experience and strategies. Second, other buyers consistently outbid me on listings, including ones that sold at higher prices.

Thus, I settled to buy a used one for under $40 due to my budget to get a copy.

I know the item isn’t in the best of condition. For example, the instruction booklet is a bit crinkled.

However, I still got it because it’s for my personal collection. For me, I’m not concerned that it’s in pristine condition as I’m not a traditional collector.  My main concern is the item is in decent condition and it works (which it does).

I may buy a one in better condition later on, but for now, it’s nice to have something checked off my personal list.


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