iPhone Game App: Two Dots Review

Does this game connect the dots?

[Note: I downloaded a later version of the game and may not have the same problems as when it first came out. Also, I did not play the first dots game.]

Game-play image of “Two Dots” from the wikipedia.org page.

It has been awhile since I wrote a review, so I figured I would ease back in with this iPhone app.

I downloaded this game a month ago because I was bored. After playing through about 30 plus levels, this game helps to beat the boredom.

The strengths of the game include the simple game-play mechanics, graphics, and sounds.  The game mechanics revolve around you connecting the same color.

 To get more dots, there are “bombs,” which are dots aligned as a squares.  There are also “super bombs” (not sure if this is the correct term) which is a dot in middle of those dots.  The dots then take out nearby dots.

This works a little too well.  I found myself constantly beating levels easily once I hit a few consecutive times.  Higher levels became harder with obstacles and how the dots fell into place.  But you can still beat the level (which likely will take more attempts) .

I also liked the graphics of the game.  The cartoonish appeal of a kids board game appealed to my eyes and works well with the game’s style.

The sound is also solid with a catchy beat to the game that was not too annoying. Connecting the dots and the bombs also worked well without any hiccups.

Although the simplicity of the puzzle game works, nothing else much stands out.

The story-line is paper thin and unclear as to whether it is a father-daughter trip gone wrong.

There are not many achievements other than postcards (to what I’ve seen).  Finally, there’s not much to bring you back other than the simplicity of the game. Thus the game becomes quickly less interesting .

Overall this is a game app to kill time or play with your kids.


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