S3 Episode 8 “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux”

Dean Pelton makes a new college recruiting commercial.
I thought this episode was better than last week but didn’t hit have that same quality of laughs that some of the earlier episodes in the season.  This week’s episode focused around Dean Pelton making a new commercial that install stats normal, but it’s at Greendale, so it turns insane quick.

In the beginning I loved the titles that Abed gave to his friends while the Dean was describing the groups roles.  For instance,  Britta had “Anarchist Cat Owner” and Pierce “Local Curmudgeon.”

What really works are the one-liners and how the group slowly goes insane shooting the commercial.  When Pierce requests a trailer and is denied he says “I’ll rent a trailer and stay in that one until I have the trailer that I don’t have.”  Then to rope the gang into participating, the Dean says the school “ask very little of its students that it gives” in which Jeff replied begrudgingly “how can we help.”  Perfect Q&A by the Dean if I may say so.

It’s here where the story gets interesting as we see the Dean and company start to get mentally crush under the Dean’s  pursuit of perfectionism.  It starts off normal, with Jeff getting stuck playing the Dean where he takes off with by mocking the Dean, bald cap and all which of course the Dean thinks is gold.  As shooting continues, Jeff tries to get out of it by trying to get infringement on the Dean by shooting in front of the Luis Guzman statue, where Leonard then replies “Sex with women.”

Dean’s insanity goes down the drain when Luis Guzman calls him and said he wants to be in the commercial but can’t make it there for a few weeks. The days get longer and the budget starts getting overly huge as the Dean takes a simple commercial to indie documentary movie style.

The scenes were nice as they gave us evidence of how nuts but funny this campus is. Dean Pelton has Troy and Britta have a hugging scene that goes awry which he comments to them “I’m trying to pull a 400 year-old dagger out of this nations heart.  I understand her but you?”

Each character then goes awry in this production, as Jeff succumbs to believing he’s bald, Annie getting Stockholm syndrome, Pierce thinking he’s a superstar, Chang understudying Jeff (even though there is none), and Shirley… untouched for the most part which was disappointing.

It’s only when Jeff get’s fired for not taking his bald-cap off, Chang rising for his moment with a full set of hair and the Dean comments that it’s reality is when everybody quits.  It all goes nuclear after days of shooting and $17 grand over budget for Pelton when Luis arrives to a desolate school and Dean Pelton shows him a horrid commercial where Luis ends up leaving.  We learn more about Pelton though, as he was ashamed of the school for trying to improve it even though it didn’t need it.

This led to Dean Pelton going crazy by stripping down naked, smearing ash over himself and going all out which was a reference to either Heart of DarknessApocalypse Now.  It’s here that was a let down as it was funny but odd that the Dean Pelton went this far as I thought it was out of character for him.

In the end Abed makes everything right by making the perfect video that saves the Dean’s career and we see an apology hug with him and the gang.

The episode provided a lot of good laughs up with all the one-liners but the Dean’s complete meltdown felt a bit off.  Also, we see Troy and Britta hug a little to long at the end.  Does this mean they’re going to be a couple?  It would be interesting as they’ve hinted at the past.

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