S3 Episode 2, “Geography of Global Conflict”

     Oh, this episode had so much potential…yet it never really hit the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea of a Model United Nations doing a Battle Royale to determine who could achieve global peace, but an underused guest star and both  the main story and the subplot never achieved the LOL moments from previous episodes in the series.
There were many reasons why the episode didn’t work for me, the overall problem being the story-lines.  For Annie, she had a childish fight with Annie Kim, the Asian version of herself for the right to the Model U.N.  The storyline for this didn’t developed as it could have as I said before, since Annie Kim didn’t feel like the nemesis she was supposed to.  To add as a side note, the guest star Martin Starr could have been more involved in the episode instead of just writing the rules and moderating the debate, possibly making for a more fun story.
What saved this story line was the Battle Royale and all the laughs that came with it, including lines from Troy with his Georgian accent (for his country, Georgia).  The best moment was Abed, of course, questioning the two realities of the two Models of U.N., where he proposed alternate realities which opened up the win for his team in the end.
The subplot of Change-Britta’s love relationship was a  disappointment, as I didn’t find it totally funny or interesting.  Chang need to assert his authority while Britta needed to rebel against authority.  All the scenes with those two seemed forced as the writers appeared to be looking for Chang and Britta to do in this episode.
Don’t get me wrong, as there were a few instances that redeemed this storyline.  The first was Britta trying to make another one of her speeches, in which she totally goes off-board and doesn’t make any sense.  The other was Chang using a tazer on Britta and doing the An Officer and a Gentlemen walkout at the end.
The last big thing was the love-potential relationship between Annie and Jeff.  They did address this with them getting the whole age thing out in the open, leaving at the end a possibility of it going somewhere….
My biggest gripe with the show so far is the writers need to address this better, including the Britta-Jeff relationship as last season it seemed like they shoved it under the rug, only to talk bring it out for a a few episodes to shove it under again, especially after Season’s 1 finale.  I agree the writers did the smart thing where they didn’t put the whole show around these will they or won’t they relationships as this will kill a show in terms of what the show is about and its survival.  On the other hand, I think because we’ve all been accustomed to this formula in basically every show, I find it’s a disappointment they don’t make it into a bigger subplot story arch.
This may have been a let down episode, probably in part because I have come to set high standards for this show, I think this will be a passable and forgettable episode overall in the season.


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