S3 E4 Remedial Chaos Theory

This episode showed how great this series is, as it told a six different timelines that all connected to each other while giving us a more story to each of the characters resulting in laughs.

This is by far the best episode of the season yet, and I would add this as one of the top episodes of the series so far.

Although the story itself didn’t really achieve anything, it was the well-written style of the story and the jokes that followed that propelled this episode to awesomeness.  It was helped by how each different scenario created different actions with each character produced by the randomness of the die.

Each scenario gave us something different in terms of how the characters interacted after someone got the pizza, from Jeff and Annie’s different flirting levels to Troy’s frustration of his manhood under attack were funny.  What made this work though were how each timeline built upon one another based upon the die rolling that also gave us more insight into each of the characters.  All these timelines came together solidly and fluidly, as we learned Annie has a gun, Britta getting high, and Troy’s fear of a troll doll.

The best was Troy’s timelines, as he had to go get the pizza.  After he left, all the timeline’s came together to provide for a hilarious outcome that you wouldn’t see coming.  What made this the best timeline was the end clip where it led to the Evil Timeline with Abed referencing a Star Trek episode by making evil goatees taken from Spock’s face.

In the end, they bought all the timeline’s together to provide more depth to each of the characters.  Abed’s speech about how the group has to weather the storm together while accepting each others flaws, like Annie being driven and Jeff’s cunningness, brought together the stories perfectly.

As a fan from the very beginning, this show has been one of the best shows I’ve ever watched and Season 3 has brought more character building to see who they truly are.

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