S3 E3 Competitive Ecology

For this close group of friends that we’ve all come to know, they fight with each other on a constant basis.  But everybody knows, including the characters, that these are friend fights, which don’t mean anything or are serious as a real fight.
The whole episode revolved jokes made around the self-referential of the group.  The episode began with the group getting a terrarium assignment and had to partner up with people that they didn’t know (gasp).  The looks on their faces were priceless that led to the best line from Troy, “Who are these people?”

Obviously the original pairs don’t work (like Annie and Jeff) that leads to a awkward by funny confrontation. So the group goes back to the study room to finish this problem off, which never happens.  Again, the whole episode was just making self-referential jokes like Jeff texting to no one, Shirley’s creationism, Annie being a perfect student and so forth were all great laughs.  A nice add on was the “None Taken” Todd, who the writers used well as he became more of a  major character as the episode progressed.  Eventually he had enough of being the group’s lightning rod of jokes that provided his rant this dysfunctional but close group of friends.  His best line came when he was describing the group’s friendship as “Your love is weird!”
The subplot with Chang dealing with his inner-monologue with a noir detective story had a few laughs but was much better than last week’s episode as this week’s storyline was pulled me in more.  It had a slow start with him believing there was a conspiracy based on random non-sequitors that became more outrageous towards the end.  The ending was a huge laugh, as Chang burnt his secret living arrangement, thought somebody was trying to get rid of him, that led to a stoic smile juxtaposed by a evil inner laugh in his head.

Lastly, you gotta give credit to Professor Kane for his soliloquy on how Lego’s used to be simple.  Overall I thought this was a good episode that people could enjoy laughing to.


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