Episode 9, “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”

Jeff and Shirley bond over foosball while Abed turns into Batman.

If you haven’t heard the news already, Community has been shelved  for the mid-season schedule on NBC, so this is one of the last few new episodes we’ll get to watch.  I personally think this is a shame since this show is on its game right now, bringing us hilarious episodes week after week and think other shows should get benched instead of Community (cough… Whitney).

As for the episode itself, the Abed story was stronger than the foosball overall.  These weeks were two story lines, the first involving Jeff and Shirley’s pastime of foosball, with the second being Annie, Abed and Troy over a broken Dark Knight disc.

The foosball story started out strong, then teetered off towards the end but it gave us a lot of laughs.  Jeff’s competition with the euro-trash German speaking students were excellent, as there were some great moments between the two with Jeff trash talking to them with their “well-designed cars.”  The best part came later on when Jeff and Shirley were practicing when the German students came in and as a prop, did a foosball kick!  Sadly, the story that Shirley was the one who ruined the game for Jeff as a kid didn’t deliver as many laughs, and the anime scene was just weird.  I mean, I got a few laughs out of it but it was too much over-the-top that ended up as more of a distraction than laughs.

The storyline with Troy, Abed, and Annie was much better as it provided a more Community story we’re accustomed to.  I like how they went with the cover-up of a priceless artifact routine with Annie trying to figure out a plan that led to some great Troy lines, “Abed knows everything” and “Stop your thinkiness.”  The highlight was Annie’s false break-in where Troy tried to coerce into confessing but all Annie gave was a high-pitched mumbling.  Eventually Abed turns into Batman and breaks into his landlord’s apartment to find… women’s’ shoes?  Classic.

I’d also like to mention the nice references the characters made to the show which may or may not be a sign that the show could be dead.  Although this wasn’t the best episode going forward to a mid-season bench, this was still a decent episode. Lastly, if you love great comedy then go to all the Community sites to show your support!

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