Episode 7, “Studies in Modern Movement”

Annie moves in with Troy and Abed.

I thought this episode fell a little flat this week, especially considering the great run of episodes we’ve had the past few weeks. There are many aspects I could critique about, it was probably having the group split up to make four different story lines that caused this episode to not be that good but there we’re still laughs.

The focus of the episode would be Annie moving in with Troy and Abed.  Here we are treated to classic Winger, where Jeff  is the only one not helping.  So where is he?  He’s shopping, where he gets the store clerk to talk over the PA like a nurse (including calling the doctors) and uses the scanning gun as a rhythmic heart machine.  Classic.

From here we diverge into the four different stories.  It’s here that each story plays to each of the character types, but each story didn’t bring anything new to the situations we’ve already seen.  Annie went through the usual motions of loving, hating, then loving the move in.  The best part came when she found out that Troy and Abed had their own Dreamtorium, aka the holodeck.  It was also a nice touch having the guys do a puppet show how much Annie they cared.  But this didn’t bring anything new.

The same goes for Shirley and Britta picking up a hitch-hiker, Pierce getting high off paint fumes, and Jeff and Dean going on a date.  All provided laughs, with Jeff’s storyline being the best.  The latter was the best of the three though, as Jeff provided some great lines early on, eventually leading to a hilarious karaoke signing.  Yet these were all situations that we’ve seen before on another sitcom that kept having reminding me why this episode didn’t work that great because the group wasn’t together.

The ending accentuated this as the group mocked Jeff for signing “Kiss From a Rose” with Dean Pelton that Pelton had tweeted.  Yet this also reminded me why we watch Community which ended the episode nicely.

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