S3 Episode 6, “Advanced Gay”

NOTE: I apologize for the late post as I was on vacation last week and did not have time to watch or blog about this episode.Pierce’s father comes to town and Troy has to decide on a career .

I have to say Community is on a winning-streak right now as this episode serves up a great laughs with both story lines.  This episode introduces us to Pierce’s background story background story more, where we’re are introduced to his father Cornelius Hawthorne.  The B-story had the Vice Dean, played by John Goodman, trying to recruit Troy to the air conditioning company.

We discover that the gay community has taken a huge liking to Hawthorn wipes where it inspires a music video called “Pocketful of Hawthornes” that offers a lot of double entendres.  At first Pierce is completely awkward with this matter that leads to a great line “Stop putting gay things in my mouth!”  But once he learns that it’s making a profit he joins them by creating a new towlette, “They may cost more but they’re gayer.”

It’s here that we meet his father, Cornelious Hawthorne.  He is a a southern gentleman who is the most kind of racist you can think of, while also being a strict and dominating father figure.  He has some great lines, including him wearing a wig made out of ivory because toupees are made from filthy oriental follicles.  Eventually this leads to Jeff and his own daddy  issues.  This was a great story line that provided us more detail with Jeff and Pierce.  In the end Jeff stands up to Cornelius because of the way he is treating Pierce.  It’s unfortunate that he was killed-off but it did give Pierce a great line by telling his dad to suck it.

The B-line story was more Community style that had Troy being kidnapped by the VD.  It was hilarious throughout the story like Black Hitler, a blind-folding test to rebuild an air-conditioner, and the room temperature room.  We also got to see Troy and Abed talking to each other as each other (and Harrison Ford).

This was another great episode that has this show going on a streak right now.  It’s also good to see the VD has future plans for Troy.

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