Episode 5, “Horror Fiction Stories in Seven Spooky Steps”

This Halloween gets a little personal.

I thought this was a very strong episode overall, considering some stories fell flat and that it followed the episode “Remedial Chaos Theory”, arguably the best episode of the season yet.

This year’s Halloween tied into the last episode where Britta had the group take a psych evaluation,then found out in this episode that one of their friends is a psychopath that leads to Halloween stories to try and figure out who is the culprit.

The show did a Simpsons Tree House of Horror where they told seven short spooky stories that turned out to be them just portraying their personal opinions into the stories.

First off was Britta which started strong as she kept telling vague details with coincidental occurrences.  The best part comes when the radio announcer starts to speak like her, “A thingy for his hand, a hook where his hand should be, ya know what I mean?”

Then it was Annie’s turn, where she just told about teaching people to read with a twist… She was really a werewolf that  eats vampires!  This included her telling gory details of the account which made it even better.

The best stories would be a tie between Abed and Pierce.  Abed told a story where everything was logical, including him humming a hold song to the radio because it would be to coincidental to turn on the radio and hear the report of the killer on the loose.  Compared to Pierce, his was just completely nonsensical as his was about wooing women while beating up thugs, nowhere close in relation to the theme.

Unfortunately. the stories start to falter from here as Troy and Shirley’s weren’t as good as the previous ones. Troy’s ended up being too weird while Shirley’s was way too preachy.  But what the episode does is it makes good jokes of the characters and their personalities.

Jeff’s was the usual about bringing the group together but the group doesn’t believe it.  Once they find out what Britta is up to the group goes berserk as usual that leads to a Mexican standoff.

The final bit was great as it provided a twist.  Britta scanned the tests upside down and the new results showed that only one person in the group is sane, which ends up being Abed that provided a heartfelt ending to the episode.

I enjoyed the guessing game as to who was the homicidal person as I don’t think it distracted from the main story lines but the some of the stories fell a little flat.  Overall this was a very strong episode to watch.

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