Community Review: S3.E22 “Introduction to Finality”

How does the finale of Season 3 end?

As much as this pains me to say this, this wasn’t the most hilarious episode, but it left a lot of mini cliff-hangers and a lot of character growth for (although albeit and different) season 4.  In a way, this was a somewhat ironic episode as it was more of a genuine reference to what the show is about, and what I can only hope it will still be. It’s the emotional impact this episode has that makes it memorable.As you may have heard already, Dan Harmon, the creator of the show, has been fired.  How this ties into the episode is this will be the last episode that we see his influence on the show that he helped make into such great series.  You will be missed.

As for the episode, it revolved around two stories, one being Shirley and Pierce fighting over who has the rights to the ownership of the sandwich shop because there’s only one signature line on the paper.  The other was Troy trying to uncover the death of Jon Goodman’s Vice Dean (sadly).

The jokes throughout the episodes weren’t that great.  There were a couple of great jokes, with Vice Dean telling Troy he is the messiah with “The Repair-Man will Repair Man”, the “Sun Chamber”, and Abed going evil.  But overall they didn’t really hit the level that I’ve come to expect from Community.

The saving grace for this episode is what I wrote in the first sentence. The biggest change is with Jeff Winger, who finally moves on from his obsession with getting his old lawyer job back.  He also starts to look for his father.  Abed tears down his Dreamatorioum (to a smaller size) to start interacting more with reality, Britta moves in, Shirley and Pierce’s new subway shop, City College’s intent to conquer with Chang in the air vent.  Finally, the show ends with the hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie.

As this season ends, I can say that this episode may not have been funny, but it’s emotional impact is felt from everything that is going on with the show that ultimately makes this a memorable episode.

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