Community Review: S3.E21 “First Chang Dynasty”

Does the Change Dynasty come to a crashing halt?

With one more episode to go in the season, we have “First Chang Dynasty” that completes the trilogy of the “Greendale Seven.”  Although there was a stand-alone episode before this, I would say this episode does a good job of ending this mini-series story arc, even though it’s slightly below the “Pillows and Blankets” episode.Change has become a ruthless dictator at the school.  He has his army of pre-teen kids with stun batons, suppressing the students, and he has the board of directors on his side.   Who will stand up to him?  The Greendale Seven.

In an Ocean’s 11 parody, the gang comes up with an outrageous and hilarious plan to rescue the Dean and save the school.  Everything from Troy’s intelligence report from the A/C Repair company to the last details did a good job of making fun of these ‘robbery movies’.  Everybody had their role to play, from Troy and Abed laying the role of the plumbers to Pierce being the obvious decoy/tip-off.   What I really liked were Jeff and Britta dressing up as a goth musician/magician named Ricky Nightshade.  They even referenced Chang’s keytar for fun.

But there were two reasons why this episode wouldn’t get a 10/10.  One, the plot was pretty obvious as to what would happen. Two, what didn’t make this episode great was the laugh-out-loud moment superb episodes  have us reach like “Remedial Chaos Theory.”  For me, it didn’t happen with this episode, even though the jokes weren’t too bad.

However, given that season 3 has been arguably the best season of the series with many memorable episodes, this is still a pretty good episode to conclude a story-arc.  And it will be interesting to see where Troy’s storyline with the A/C Repair company will go in the season finale that I look forward to watching the season-finale.

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