Community Review: S3.E20 “Digital Estate Planning”

How does the 8-bit video game throwback play out?
Community has done anime-style before with Claymation and Japanese.  Now we get to see the video game episode that started off strong, but fell flat towards the end.The beginning of the episode is arguably the best part.  It started off strong with Pierce’s dad creating a 30-year-old-game by a 100-year-old man.  Even if you aren’t a gamer, you wouldn’t need to be to appreciate all the references to playing games, like starting form the very beginning when you die, to the village and boss battles.  There were even some great land-references later-on from Pierce’s father that I won’t spoil for you.

Like I said, the best jokes came in the beginning.  The first came when the group was trying to figure out the controls, with lines such as “The orange is for jumping” and Britta punching Pierce “There is no hug button.”  The other time were Annie and Shirley trying to buy armor and weapons from the blacksmith, but end up killing the blacksmith, his wife, and burning down the shop.

After that it became frustrating as there were no surprises and the jokes weren’t that great.  After Abed leaving the group it became predictable as to how they would beat Pierce’s half-brother and the game.  Even Abed rewriting the code wasn’t new, albeit his many children were!

What ultimately made this a so-so episode was that it is a stand-alone episode that was put in during a three-part series.  It felt odd to have it be in the middle of the series, especially since it’s not moving the story lines along.  However, it was nice to see Community do a video game episode and since I’m a huge gamer, it was an enjoyable episode.

Side note:  Someone is making a 8-bit Community game. If you interested, click on the link in the article to go play it!

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