Community Review: S3.E18 “Course Listing Unavailable”

Is this episode a laugh-out-loud riot?

I can honestly say that Season 3 of Community is starting to make the case as the best season so far.  Within the past month or so we have had so many great episode, with last week’s “Basic Lupine Urology” possibly capping the season as the best episode of the season.   This week’s episode, however, wasn’t as this was another set-up episode for a two-part finale next week.

The Dean had the best lines in the episode.  When he gets the letter about Starburns he puts on a new pair of glasses that are the same.  Then when he goes to tell the study group, he goes into his closest of costumes.  A close second was Abed’s joke about Starburns wishing his ashes to be burned in the opening scene.

What didn’t make this episode great were the Community style jokes and the storyline seemed very slow.  This week’s craziness resulted from the death of Starburns from last week, as there’s a memorial held in his service at the school cafeteria. As the group explored their feelings,  Jeff’s was the best as he learned from the Dean that he would have to take summer class as the biology professor Cane resigned.  This led to a so-so funny bit of all the students expressing their discontent with how Greendale is sucking their life force, leading to a riot in the cafeteria.

It was funny to see Chang’s little army with rioting gear and the Subway being smashed up.  What was better was Change pretending to be normal playing the game and getting the Greendale Gang of 7 expelled while kidnapping the Dean and replacing with a fake.  But this led to a nice reference to when the gang is at Abed and Troy’s apartment sitting around the table with a die from the “Remedial Chaos Theory.”

Overall this felt as another set-up episode for a two-episode arc that I’m sure will not fail as “Basic Lupine Urology”and “Pillows and Blankets” delivered.

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