Episode 12: Contemporary Impressionists

Jeff’s Ego goes supernova and Abed can’t stop hiring celebrity impersonators.After a long hiatus Community is into its second episode, but does it deliver or is it still brushing off the cob-webs?  Well my answer is both.

There were 3 stories happening this week (4 if you count Pierce but I’ll explain why it didn’t later).  In order of funniness and writing from best to worst, it would be Jeff’s ego, Abed hiring celebrity impersonators, and Chang’s Security internship.  What I liked about the episode is although the laughs didn’t hit the level of lol moments, it’s the promising story set-ups for later episodes that left me wanting more.

We learn that Jeff has been seeing a new psychiatrist who has prescribed him new anxiety pills to help with his narcissistic problem.   Obviously Britta warns the group about this but nobody listens to her. This led to two good, but not great moments.  With the pill’s Jeff isn’t worried about his appearance, so he wear’s Aviators, in which Dean Pelton see’s this and starts having a seizure of pleasure on the ground.  Later on at the Bar-Mitzva party, the birthday boy is getting all the awards.  Jeff ends up transforming into the Hulk, without the green costume.  What made this good but not great was the physical comedy and although Jeff is in shape, he’s not super muscular.  He looked funny doing Hulk actions, but I wasn’t laughing as hard as I had when it happened, compared to the episode Remedial Chaos Theory.

As for Abed, he’s been on a spending spree hiring celebrity impersonators to re-enact favorite movies scenes.  He racks up a debt with Vinny, who looks like French Stuart and if the gang doesn’t perform well at the Bar-Mitva, Vinny is going to break Abed’s leg. This ultimately led to a confrontation between Troy and Abed, but the emotional drama it should have had didn’t resonate with me.  This made Abed go into the Dreamatorium, alone, on a ship, leading to a conversation with ‘Dark Abed.’  I’m wondering if we’ll see Abed’s character grow to connect with people in future episodes, and if so, would be a huge step for this character.

As for Chang, he started his own internship program to get more people to become security guards.  Chang’s character is polarizing for me, since he is the most one-dimensional character on the show.   Personally, I find his storyline and/or jokes either funny or not.   This week’s wasn’t, but like I said, the ending with hiss army of security guards looks promising as a storyline down the road.

Lastly, Pierce had this thing about which celebrity impersonation he was.  This joke went know where as I didn’t find it all that funny or even worth mentioning in the episode and thought was a waste of time.

Overall the possible storylines for future episodes outweigh the almost lol moments in the show that make this a decent episode.

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